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NFL Draft 2014: Anthony Munoz REALLY likes defense in the first-round

Former Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle and current Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz likes linebacker and defensive back in the first round.


When Anthony Munoz talks, you listen.

That's the conjectured perspective I have on how Bengals fans should approach Cincinnati's lone Hall of Famer. When he speaks, we're children in a classroom, absorbing every word like treasure -- because at some point, his words will epically inject determination and purpose in our lives.

When asked where the Bengals should address the NFL draft, he likes linebacker and defensive back.

"I don't know names, but I think we need a linebacker," Munoz said via ESPN. "We can go out and get a pretty good linebacker, maybe a defensive back. I don't think you can ever have too many cornerbacks and defensive backs." As Coley Harvey with ESPN points out, Munoz doesn't favor an offensive player in the first-round (meaning no quarterbacks for you!).

"The linebacker position is a good position to go with our D-line," Munoz continued. "Even though we lost one or two [on the defensive line], it's an area that's still strong. As far as linebacker or defensive back, that's what I would look at."

Munoz is plucking a note from the guitar that I'm playing like a rad 80s-like big-haired soloist. In other words, agreed. We'll obviously apply the BPA -- aka, best player available unless it's a position we don't need -- but defense, to me, feels like the favorite (at least compared to offense). They need to apply a post-Maualuga scenario at linebacker, aim to get younger at cornerback, stronger at safety (at least in rotation until said first-rounder is ready) and even the defensive line (applying the "Margus Hunt" just isn't ready philosophy).