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Falcons nab Jake Matthews at #6

The Atlanta got arguably the best offensive tackle in the draft in Texas A&M's Jake Matthews with the sixth-overall pick. Matthews was in contention with Auburn's Greg Robinson to be the first offensive lineman selected, but he fell into the Falcons' lap at #6.

One of the top traits looked for in offensive line prospects is consistency, and former NFL defensive end Stephen White, who has plenty of experience trying to get past them,thinks Matthews has all the consistency you could ask for.

Every kick step (initial movement off the snap for an offensive lineman to get depth and width) for a wide rusher was the same. Almost every kick step to an inside rusher was also the same. He was so good that I only saw one pressure he gave up in [the five games I watched] ...

Think about what I'm saying here. Matthews only lost on a pass-blocking assignment one time in the five games. Now look at the teams I watched him play against -- you don't think LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss or Missouri have good pass rushers?