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Titans bolster o-line with Taylor Lewan; Giants snag Odell Beckham

The Tennessee Titans got some much-needed offensive line help by selecting offensive tackle Taylow Lewan with the 11th-overall pick.

Stephen White took the Wolverines to task in his breakdown of Lewan's game tape:

I didn't see much of that in the five games that I watched. Furthermore, why in the HELL did Michigan keep a tight end to Lewan's side so damn much? He obviously didn't need the help. The quarterback was right-handed anyway (with bootlegs you like for the tight end to be lined up to the side of the quarterback's throwing hand), and they could have potentially had a wide receiver there instead of a tight end. It would've increased the chances of success on passing downs as well as run downs if you get the opposing defenses to spread themselves out. But is that what Michigan did?



As for the New York Giants at No. 12, they grabbed Odell Beckham out of LSU, arguably the most dynamic receiver/returner in this draft.

Beckham was the Paul Hornung Award winner as the nation's most versatile player in 2013 when he broke the LSU single-season all-purpose yards record (2,315) and snagged 59-1,152-8 (19.5) in 13 starts.

He offers versatility to go between "X," "Z" and the slot given his ability to stretch the field and run after the catch. .

He also returned 68 career punts for 557 yards (8.2), including two scores, and 42 kickoffs for 1,044 yards (24.9).