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Thursday Trades Recap

Just to recap, here all of the Thursday trades:

Bills move up to No. 4, draft Sammy Watkins

  • Bills get: No. 4 overall
  • Browns get: No. 9 overall, 2015 first round pick, 2015 fourth round pick
Browns jump back up, take Justin Gilbert
  • Browns get: No. 8 overall
  • Vikings get: No. 9 overall, No. 145 overall (5th round)
Saints move up, take Brandin Cooks
  • Saints get: No. 20 overall
  • Cardinals get: No. 27 overall, No. 91 overall (3rd round)
Browns trade up again, take Johnny Manziel
  • Browns get: No. 22 overall
  • Eagles get: No. 26 overall, No. 83 overall (3rd round)
Vikings trade up for Teddy Bridgewater
  • VIkings get: No. 32 overall
  • Seattle gets: No. 40 overall (2nd round), No. 108 overall (4th round)