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Oakland Raiders have selected Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders have selected quarterback Derek Carr out of Fresno State with the 36th-overall pick.

Carr threw for 12,842 yards and 113 touchdowns at Fresno, including more than 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns with just eight interceptions as a senior. He's been a very productive player his entire career, and though he may be a little overrated heading into the draft, he certainly is an upgrade over Matt McGloin and possibly even Matt Schaub.

SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn is very high on Carr with his evaluation:

Carr has the best arm talent of any quarterback in this 2014 NFL Draft. That may seem like a strong statement, but he proved it time and time again throughout the last two seasons. Even when his mechanics fail him, Carr can put the ball in any spot on the field with velocity, timing and accuracy. Additionally, Carr has exceptional touch and accuracy on his deep passes.

Comparing Carr to Matthew Stafford or Jay Cutler is not a stretch in this department. Regardless of his arm slot, footwork or the spot on the field he's throwing to, Carr can put the appropriate velocity on the ball. He's also an accurate passer in most areas of the field.