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Report: Steelers have strong interest in Brandon Flowers

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs just released cornerback Brandon Flowers, and the market for him is already growing. A pair of AFC North teams in need of cornerback help could look to sign him if the price is right.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are among several teams interested in the former Pro Bowl cornerback:

It would be nice for Mike Zimmer to get another reclamation project CB and revive his career, though ti would be in Minnesota this time. First though, Flowers will have to make it out of his visit with the San Diego Chargers if anyone else hopes to sign him.

As for the Steelers and Ravens, they are both in need of CB help. Pittsburgh appears more intent on trying to make something happen.

Neal Coolong from Behind the Steal Curtain reports the Steelers are very interested in Flowers, and a visit could in the near future:

A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed with Behind the Steel Curtain Wednesday the Steelers have strong interest in free agent cornerback Brandon Flowers, and a visit with team officials in the near future may be the next step.

The source said the team is trying to get Flowers out to Pittsburgh, but he is scheduled to meet with the Chargers first.

Per the NFLPA, the Steelers have $7 million in cap space, so they theoretically could make a decent offer to Flowers. As for the Ravens, they have jut $5 million in cap space, so it's unlikely they'll outbid anyone for Flowers. The Chargers have just $2.6 million free, so they too will find it hard to sign Flowers.