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Missing OTA's make fans question Jermaine Gresham - ITJ

Is it a concern that Jermaine Gresham did not show up for the Bengals OTA's? The guys on Inside the Jungle discuss the fact that Gresham missed the Bengals first OTA.

Jermaine Gresham has put up record numbers for the Bengals in his time here, yet fans still sit in two camps on the guy. Some like the physical game of Gresham. Sure he makes some mistakes but usually makes up for those in big ways during the game. Others can't stand the player. The point to his false starts and fumbles as reasons the Bengals offense falters. They forget when he comes up big on third down, scores in the red zone or drags players for hard fought yds after the catch.

Anytime there are questions around a player, news (or non news for VOLUNTARY workouts) gets over hyped. Discussions of writing on the wall or contract holdouts get thrown around. The fact that Gresham is missing camp only brings more light to an already debated player.

The official reason Gresham was absent was an undisclosed injury. Level headed fans will understand the voluntary part of the activities and not sweat it. Others will speculate and point fingers to another reason the Bengals should move on. What are your thoughts?

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