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Bengals wish George Iloka a Happy Birthday; It's not really his B-Day

Apparently, a lot of people thought today was Bengals safety George Iloka's birthday. According to TMZ, the Bengals were among those, and wished Iloka a happy 24th birthday today.

As it turns out, Iloka's birthday was actually back in March.

The whole thing is a funny mix-up ... the Bengals tell TMZ Sports they simply had the wrong date marked in their calendar ... and they fixed it earlier today as soon as they realized the mistake.

The funny part ... George says he was a actually a little bit sad on his real birthday, March 31st, because he got NO birthday love from the team or the fans!!

"On my real birthday, no one tweeted me ... I said, 'Damn. No one likes me.' Now it all makes sense."

As you can imagine, Iloka was pretty confused when he saw several teammates and friends tweeting 'Happy B-Day!' to him.

Iloka was able to laugh it of though.

Oh well. Good job. Good effort.

Happy fake birthday George!