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Why Do We Love Football?

Christian Petersen

"Why do I love football?"

Someone asked me this the other day. I started to answer, but closed my mouth.  I wasn't sure how to respond, so I'm using this article to answer that question.

When I think of our Country, I think of the American Flag.

I think of the National Anthem.

And of course, I think of football.

I guess that's a good start. Football means the chance to come together with fans who support something you do.  It means you get to spend Sunday, at times the only free day of the week, doing something you love with friends and family.  It means the potato chips and drinks come out of their respective niches in the kitchen, and that the television is turned on all day.

Football means I have a reason to go all-out uniform in support of the team that I root for each game day. It is the chance to yell without getting in trouble with your neighbors. Mainly because they're doing the same thing. It's the excuse for a barbecue on the front lawn or to tailgate out back.

Football gives the competitive personality something to feast on.  It is a sport of hard-hitting, speed, and two teams battling it out for a shot at the postseason.  It is the one sport that truly gives a shot of adrenaline whether you're watching or playing it.

I don't know if any of those reasons match up with anyone else, but I think that pretty much sums up my feelings on my favorite sport. All I know is that after the first week of February, something feels a little empty. Have no fear, training camp is coming soon.

What's your football tradition?  Be sure to comment below, as we'd love to hear what our readers do on Gameday!