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Who are the Most Overrated and Underrated Cincinnati Bengals?

Who do you think is the most overrated and most underrated Bengal?

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

When talking about who's overrated and who's underrated, the Bengals are full of players you could debate either way, several of which are their best players. Many people consider AJ Green one of the best receivers and overall players on the NFL, but Pro Football focus ranks him only 98th on their Top 100 list.

Andy Dalton is an enigma who's regular debated about. He's had one of the most-successful first three years to start a career that any QB has ever had. Still, some think he's not even one of the 20 best QBs in the league.

Andrew Whitworth is one of the best lineman in football, yet he can't even crack the NFL's Top 100 list, nor can he seem to get selected to a Pro Bowl or named to an All-Pro team.

CBS Sports Senior NFL Columnist Pete Prisco has revealed his annual list of overrated/underrated players for all 32 teams in the NFL.

Here's his picks for the Bengals:

Overrated: TE Jermaine Gresham --­­ This former first-­round pick looks the part, but it just hasn't happened for him for whatever reason. Is this the year he loses reps to Tyler Eifert?

Underrated: WR Marvin Jones ­­-- He averaged 14 yards on his 51 catches and had 10 touchdown receptions, one behind A.J. Green's team-­leading 11.

Hard to disagree with either. While people in Cincinnati can see Gresham's weaknesses, many around the league seem to think he's an upper-echelon tight end.

Then again, not many TEs have done better than 218 catches, 2,262 yards and 19 touchdowns since 2010 while playing in 59 of a possible 64 games.

Jones however, is much more deserving of being on this list. He quietly caught 55 passes for 712 yards and 10 touchdowns on just 555 offensive snaps, less than 50% of the possible snaps he could have had.

That helped him rank 15th out of 111 receivers via Pro Football Focus.