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Jermaine Gresham and Devon Still no-shows in Tuesday's practice

We knew Jermaine Gresham was missing practice time due to an undisclosed injury. Devon Still also was not present at practice today for unknown reasons.


Again, I offer up that these practices are voluntary, so a player missing does not necessarily mean that there are issues surrounding said player. That being said, we have already discussed the kind of light that shines on a well debated player like Jermaine Gresham. Now, Devon Still is not at practice and there are probably rumors swirling around him also.

This is most likely more news that is not news. Still has been penciled into the role of next man up if something were to happen to Domata Peko or Geno Atkins. Still could find some solid playing time in the preseason as Atkins continues to come back from the injury that put him out last season.

Still knows he has a spot on this team and has the potential to crack the starting lineup if he outshines Peko before the season begins. There is no reason he would intentionally stir things up by skipping workouts. We just would be doing our due diligence if we didn't let you know about it.


A reader mentions that the reason for Still being absent could be from his daughter being in the hospital. Thanks to Brandon for the heads up...