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This Week on Inside the Jungle - The X-Factor

The Bengals could use some life in their return game. They may have a decent group of players but no one really fears what the return man can bring. We discuss what options the Bengals have on the roster to bring a little fear to the Bengals special teams.

Although Nick Seuberling is one of the biggest Brandon Tate fans on the planet, even he agrees the Bengals could use a little more of a threat in the return game. In the most recent episode of Inside the Jungle, we discuss what options the Bengals have on their roster to give the Bengals more of a threat from that phase of the game.

We also discuss how we are seeing Giovani Bernard, Jeff Scott and others playing the returner in some of the OTA workouts. Will the Bengals make a move from a solid but nonexciting player to a guy who could be a threat to break one at any time?

Mickey says for an 8-8 team a solid kick returner is fine. However, for a team that is looking at next level every season, that phase of the game could put a good team into the great category. Field position and special teams scores could be icing on the cake for a Bengals team that looks to continue to be pretty good.

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