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2015 NFL Draft likely leaving Radio City Music Hall; Extending to 4 Days


Radio City Music Hall has been a routine host for the NFL, but that's coming to an end. The next draft will find itself being held in a different location.

According to John Breech of CBS Sports, the NFL has narrowed it's location for the 2015 draft to three locations, and none of them are RCMH.

Those 12 cities have now been narrowed down to three that the NFL is focusing on: New York Chicago and Los Angeles. A leagues spokesman added that although the NFL is focusing on those three places, "Other cities remain in the mix."

If the league decides to hold the draft in New York again, the event won't he held at Radio City Music Hall. Instead, the draft would be held at Madison Square Garden, a venue that hasn't hosted the draft since 2004. According to, the decision was made because RCMH won't be available in April or May 2015.

It was reported prior to the 2014 draft that RCMH was likely hosting it's final draft for at least the next year or two, as the NFL wants to being having it at different locations.

According to Ian Rapaport of, the NFL is also focusing on holding the draft for four days on either April 22-25 or April 29-May 2

This would likely involve one day dedicated to the first, second and third rounds, followed by Rounds 4-7 on Day 4.

It seems crazy to think the draft is going to be four days now, but it;s so popular fans will undoubtedly still tune in for each round as the NFL generates more media revenue and brings in more cash.