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Madden NFL 15 Details and First Look

Every year, the start of the NFL season comes right after Madden releases the latest version of their popular video game franchise.

This year, they look to take the next step with Madden 15, which will fully utilize the next-generation hardware of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl linebacker Luke Kuechly will be one of the featured players in the game, as Madden 15 looks to enhance how defense is played:

Here are some other notable features of Madden 15 from the game's official website:

*Set the tone on defense with more control thanks to an all-new arsenal of pass rush moves, contain the open field with intuitive tackling mechanics, and play as a team with redesigned zone and man coverage logic all while being immersed in the play from the other side of the line, with defensive player lock cameras. Madden NFL 15 delivers on defense.

*Relive the greatest moments in games played with dynamic pre-game and halftime shows , and get your all-access field pass with NFL Films inspired in-game camera angles dropping you right in the heart of an NFL game. Gain a new perspective of the game with six new gameplay cameras to toggle through pre snap on every play. Madden NFL 15 features NFL Films inspired presentation.

*Call your plays with confidence using data from millions of online games played by Madden gamers and test your new found skills through intense challenges and conditions in The Gauntlet. Madden NFL 15 gives you the advantage to know your opponent.

Personally, I'm excited about the new NFL Films features. What say you?