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Which draft picks could start day one? - ITJ

Many agree the Bengals had another solid draft this year. Could any of these players "top the depth chart"? Which new Bengal could be the first one to crack the starting role for the team?

It is time for speculation based on the small sample size we have seen of the new guys in stripes. The Bengals have added to their already strong cast of characters a new crop of players who will be attempting to crack the starting lineup for this team.

Mickey thinks the Bengals have drafted a lot of talent and many of these players will be contributors, but none may be the official starters at their positions any time soon. Darqueze Dennard and Jeremy Hill could be players that have a ton of playing time but may not be the official guy on top of the charts.

Anthony and Nick think that there is a reason the Bengals targeted Russell Bodine and that he may be the guy that could be the day one starter for the Bengals at center. The Bengals do need to improve at the position and there is a possibility if Bodine impresses in camp he could own that role.

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