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Officer that arrested Sam Montgomery now suspended

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The arresting officer of Sam Montgomery for speeding has been suspended for his unprofessional behavior.

Jason brought you the story of the arrest of Sam Montgomery for speeding last week. New information now shows that the officer that arrested Montgomery is kind of an a-hole. You can watch the video of the arrest here.

There is no denying that Montgomery was going way too fast in a 55 mph zone. There is also no denying this is an arrestable defense, but when watching the dash cam video, it stands to reason that Montgomery was arrested because he was an NFL player. The conversation with the arresting officer starts off like this:

Officer R.S. Salter: "You military?"

Montgomery: "Nope, NFL"

Salter: "NFL? You're under arrest"

Then officer Salter begins to shout orders about Montgomery's hands that even confuse me a little bit all while threatening to taze him.

"Do not move. Look away from me. Look away. Look away. Keep your feet together. Sir, if you cannot follow my commands, the next thing you're going to get is a tazer. Spread your feet," said Salter in the video.

"Whoa, I'm not causing any problems," said Montgomery.

Officer Salter was suspended and his superiors are on records as claiming his behavior was not professional.