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Open Thread: What Football Books Are You Reading?

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It's hard for any football die-hard to get through the summer. Reading is a nice way to pass the time.

The dead of summer is always a hard time for any football fan. It's even harder for those who live and breath the greatest sport on Earth, as much of the sports channels are occupied with baseball, soccer and LeBron James headlines.

For most of my sports life, reading has helped me get through the times when football wasn't being played. From Chris Brown's Smart Football, to Pat Kirwan's Take Your Eye off the Ball (yes, Pat Kirwan actually wrote a book that was knowledgeable and informative). I've actually just acquired Bill Connelly's Study Hall to hold me over with the college football season just over a month away.

If you're not an X's and O's guy, maybe you like books more geared towards the Bengals. Chick Ludwig's Cincinnati Bengals: The Men, The Deeds, The Consequences is a great read.

Maybe you prefer shorter reads in the form of magazines. Phil Steele's annual college football preview mag is a must-read for anyone who likes college football. His annual NFL preview mag is also very informative.

So what are you reading to help get you through the summer lull?