Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne, Jonas Blane, Jack Bristow, or James Bond?

In honor of the final episode of perhaps the final season of 24...

Jack Bauer, 24 (2001-2014)







Main sidearm: Heckler and Koch USP Compact

Various improvised weapons used: fire axe, teeth, inside of electrical wire, flare gun, iron chain, hacksaw, pliers, blowtorch, fireplace poker, steaming pipe, electric jumper cables, plastic bag

Number of aliases: 12

Number of on-screen kills: 306 minimum

US Military service: Army- Green Berets, Delta Force

Relationships: deceased wife, also has 7 other on-screen relationships

Is he in Andy Dalton's or Tom Brady's situation when it comes to supporting cast? Half-and-half, sometimes he has the help of CTU and the government but other times he is largely on his own and/or on the run

Accomplishments: saving the world multiple times, being the bane of terrorism, being the face of freedom and America, being a complete badass

Jason Bourne, the Bourne series (2002-2007)






Main sidearm: various Sig Sauers, but generally whatever he can get his hands on

Various improvised weapons used: pen, magazine, toaster, towel, hardcover book, vodka, aerosol can

Number of aliases: 12 (including Jason Bourne; his real name is David Webb)

Number of on-screen kills: 15 minimum (my count)

US Military service: US Army- Special Forces

Relationships: deceased girlfriend

Is he in Andy Dalton's or Tom Brady's situation when it comes to supporting cast? More like Alex Smith under the Nolan/Singletary era; Bourne is almost entirely on his own and is always on the run (and this reflects well on Bourne, especially compared to someone like James Bond)

Accomplishments: exposing the CIA, being a complete badass

Jonas Blane, The Unit (2006-2009)


Main sidearm: Kimber Custom TLE III

Improvised weapon used: heroin bomb

Number of aliases: 1

Number of on-screen kills: 152 minimum

US Military service: US Army- Delta Force

Relationships: has a wife

Is he in Andy Dalton's or Tom Brady's situation when it comes to supporting cast? Dalton's; Blane is supported by his fellow Delta Force operators and the government

Accomplishments: carrying out top-secret missions against terrorism (but that's nothing that Bauer and Bourne haven't done), doing commercials for AllState, serving as U.S. President during Bauer's prime

Jack Bristow, Alias (2001-2006)


Main sidearm: Beretta 92FS

Number of aliases: 2

Number of on-screen kills: about 40

US Military service: none mentioned, but he almost certainly has some

Relationships: has a deceased wife

Is he in Andy Dalton's or Tom Brady's situation when it comes to supporting cast? Brady's; other than his daughter he is largely alone in his life as a double agent

Accomplishments: exposing an evil organization while working there as a double agent for the CIA

James Bond, the Bond series (1962-2012)


Main sidearm: Walther PPK

Number of aliases: at least 15

Number of on-screen kills: 354 minimum (but it's taken 50 years to do so)

British Military service: Navy Special Forces

Relationships: none, is a womanizer

Is he in Timothy Dalton's Andy Dalton's or Tom Brady's situation when it comes to supporting cast? More like Brad Johnson on the 2000 Baltimore Ravens; Bond has incredible support, particularly from gadgets, cars, etc. supplied to him

Accomplishments: stopping international terrorism plots


Thinking things over a little more, the comparison among Bauer/Bourne/Bond isn't so straightforward. They each have an edge in their own way.

Bauer is the most patriotic and heroic, obviously. In terms of accomplishments, his resume dwarfs that of Bourne and Bond. He's also been through the most, in terms of acts he's had to commit and the demons he's had to live with after those actions.

Bourne would be the winner in a straight-up 3-way battle, whether martial arts or shooting or otherwise. Bourne and Bauer are about equal shots (and better than Bond), but Bourne is easily the martial arts winner. If Bauer were about 15 years younger, he might be equal to Bourne in that regard, but that's not the case.

Bond is the clear winner in terms of dressing well, being suave, drinking martinis, having the ladies, being gifted with all the support he wants at his disposal, etc. Some would view that as more favorable, while others would view that as detracting from him.

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