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Open Thread and Poll: Welcoming Former Bengals Back

You may have noticed LeBron James went back home to Cleveland. Who do the Bengals need to welcome home?

The 'traitor' welcomed back home.
The 'traitor' welcomed back home.

You may have missed it, but there was a certain basketball player who returned to the team and city he once called his home. LeBron James returned to Cleveland to sign with the Cavaliers after an ugly exit fro the team four years ago.

There have been several former Bengals who left the team on bad terms, but would be nice to see them reconcile with the team and city they used to call home.

Corey Dillon and Carson Palmer are two players who didn't leave on the great of terms, but both did a lot of great things during their time in Cincinnati.

To this point, there's been no reported reconciliation between Dillon and the Bengals after the team traded him away in 2004. He's still the franchise's all-time leading rusher, and will probably barely miss out on making the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As for Palmer, he's still playing for the Arizona Cardinals so it's really not possible for a reconciliation with him until he retires. After his 'trade me or I'll retire' proclamation though, it will take a lot to repair that relationship.

There are other Bengals who need to be forgiven by both the fans and franchise and welcomed back with open arms to Cincinnati. Who are you hoping to see that happen with?