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Fan Poll: Whose Player Rankings Do You Trust More?

There are two camps when ranking the top players in the NFL--the front office and coaching staffs, and the players. Whose opinion do you trust more?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In the doldrums that are the periods of time between offseason workouts and/or Training Camp for NFL clubs comes arbitrary lists. We at Cincy Jungle are guilty of them--be it regurgitating others', or creating our own. It's a fun way to pass the time when news can be scarce, but it also comes with a mixed bag of emotions.

Three Bengals players landed on the NFL Network's Top-100 Players List, as voted by the players themselves, with A.J. Green landing the highest spot of his teammates at No.9. Shortly before he was unveiled at that spot, CBS writer Pete Prisco had four Bengals on his list, with Andrew Whitworth barely cracking the list at No.100. Another interesting example is the recent ESPN quarterback ranking article that came out before the July 4th holiday.

On last week's Inside the Jungle podcast, we discussed which side has more clout in determining rankings of players: fellow competitors on the field or the writers and/or NFL front office men who make a living watching tape.

Players go up against those that they have voted for on the field weekly, and see what these players can do first-hand. They are tuned in to the nuances of their counterparts' position and have a different insight than any of us. However, biases can occur because of national perception, contracts, overall team success, media darlings, etc.

As I mentioned above, NFL personnel men have made careers out of talent evaluation and tape study. Their jobs lie in their ability to find quality players and build a team. There are some in the league who have done it for years and their opinions are highly-valued. These are the types that Mike Sando tapped for his quarterback ranking post and what brought validity to the content.

Whose opinions do you trust more? The players? Front office staff? Writers?