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Chris Kluwe Investigation Done; Vikings May Not Release Findings

Former punter Chris Kluwe accused the Vikings organization of fostering an environment where he was harassed for his beliefs. A report was promised with the findings and the Vikings may go back on that promise.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Forget for a moment where you stand on the issues behind this matter and look at the situation from a neutral light. An organization that for the most part is publicly funded, is accused of wrong doing by one of its employees. The organization publicly responds that an investigation will be done and the finding will be released. The investigation is finished and the organization declares it as closed and seals the findings.

Here is another example where there is hypocrisy in the NFL. There is no real standard in the way that the organization self regulates. In Miami, when there was a question of harassment, the case was tried in full view of the public. Independent findings were released and the consequences were known.

In Minnesota, the Vikings have decided that after investigation they are going to keep the results under wraps. In the court of public opinion that sure makes them look guilty.

There are hits that the findings were not favorable to the organization. This could just be a media trick to goad the organization to release whatever it has to either clear its name, or admit guilt. The problem with keeping it under wraps is that this is the opposite of what was agreed to in the beginning.

In this instance, I understand the disappointment from former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. If an investigation around the way I was treated at a company was conducted, I would want to know the results. Especially if I was promised that information.

In the end I am sure the public will find out what happened. These things have a way of finding the light through one leak or another. The Vikings should do the right thing and release the findings. We are past the point where bully behavior should be acceptable in any setting. If this is a way to protect an antagonist, then the organization should be ashamed.