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NFL Power Rankings: Marvin Lewis Still Right in the Middle

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Marvin Lewis needs to win in the playoffs before people begin to mention his name among the NFL's top head coaches.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When ranking every head coach in the NFL, Marvin Lewis is usually ranked right around the middle of all 32 coaches. That's because his 90-90 record (including playoffs) is what everyone looks at.

Because of this,'s Eliot Harrison ranked Lewis 15th in his NFL Power Rankings for head coaches.

You're staring at the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL not named Bill Belichick. It's a bit surprising, given the Bengals' lack of postseason success and Lewis' so-so popularity, both in town and in league circles. None of this is to say he hasn't done a nice job, considering this team was nothing short of awful from 1991 to 2002. Lewis took charge in 2003, taking Cincy to the playoffs in '05, '09, '11, '12 and '13. Still, no postseason wins to date.

It's not as though Lewis' teams are incapable of beating elite teams. They just don't win in the playoffs, and because of that, Lewis will never be ranked among the best coaches until he wins in the postseason.

Lewis ranks third among AFC North coaches, with the Steelers' Mike Tomlin (9th) and Ravens' John Harbaugh (4th) both ranked ahead of him.

This past season, Lewis' Bengals were 4-2 against Bill Belichick, Mike McCarthy,  Harbaugh and Tomlin in 2013, all of who were ranked ahead of him.

Earlier this offseason, The Sporting News ranked Lewis 18th out of 32 NFL coaches. I too think Lewis dersrves to be ranked in the middle of the 32 NFL head coaches.

What he's done restoring Cincinnati is very commendable. That said, the Bengals were fully capable of winning the last two playoff games in which they lost, especially at home vs. the Chargers.

The Bengals have given him the firepower to win at least one playoff game, but to this point, he's failed to do so.