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Browns Get Live Mascot; Flashback to Chad Johnson in the Dawg Pound

The Cleveland Browns are embracing their newfound 'swagger' brought on them by Johnny Manziel. The Brown's VP of Marketing said the team will unveil a live bulldog to represent the squad this season.

They'll be using a live bullmastiff (similar to the one pictured above) as a mascot in 2014.

The name is suitable for Cleveland's "Dawg Pound," the fanbase behind the end zone at the Brown's FirstEnergy Stadium. Chad Johnson knows them well.

With a name like Swagger, it seems like the perfect match for Manziel, the offseason king of swagger. Let's see how that translates onto the NFL field.

Cleveland's decision to use a live mascot adds it to the ranks of teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos, all of whom have actual animals representing their squads.

I'd take a live Bengal tiger over all of them.