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NFL Helmet Rankings: Spots 24-17

Part II. Count these 8 as the helmets which are considered decent, yet not quite good enough. Looking at #'s 24-17 there are some surprises...likely a shocker at #17.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Part II. Count these 8 as the helmets which are considered decent, yet not quite good enough. Looking at #'s 24-17 there are some surprises...likely a shocker at #17.

24. Philadelphia Eagles

Strengths: They are unique in that they are one of a handful of teams which do not have a logo (per se) on the helmet and go with a theme on the helmet instead. I also like the pearlized green.

Weaknesses: I thought they would be higher on my list, but the more I look at these, the more I think the wings just look awkward. They begin at the forehead - I mean honestly, who has wings starting on a man's forehead? I also don't like the combination of the dark green with the black face mask. Lastly, I just think they lack something overall.

Ideas for Improvement: I think these would be awesome with a chrome facemask. From there, a tweaking of the logo could be in order.

23. Saint Louis Rams

Strengths: I like the unique helmets (like the Eagles) where the mascot is the inspiration for the helmet design rather than an actual logo. With that being said, the Rams helmet is ok, but nothing special.

Weaknesses: Just like the strengths, I don't see any glaring weaknesses. The biggest weakness is the lack of strengths and the fact that it just feels like it is missing something.

Ideas for Improvement: This is a solid helmet and I have a tough time putting my finger on what could be improved. I would like to see what a gold facemask could do.

22. San Diego Chargers

Strengths: I love the bolt and these are much better than their old blue helmets.

Weaknesses: The dark blue facemask.

Ideas for Improvement: This is a solid helmet that could be, and should be, better. I don't dig the dark blue facemask. These would look really good with a white...or a powder blue facemask.

21. Minnesota Vikings

Strengths: I like the improved Viking horn and the new pearlized purple color.

Weaknesses: The black facemask.

Ideas for Improvement: Why put a black facemask on a dark (non-black) helmet? Black isn't even one of their colors. This helmet would be much better with a purple facemask (just like it used to be). If they wanted to make a statement with their new jerseys, I think a yellow facemask would look good as well.

20. Carolina Panthers

Strengths: Overall a solid helmet. I like the silver helmet with the black facemask.

Weaknesses: The logo. It is not a terrible logo, but it could use some improved lines and definition like the Lions did with their logo a few years back.

Ideas for Improvement: I would definitely upgrade the logo. If they wanted to go beyond the logo, while I like the black facemask, I would like to see these helmets with the Carolina blue facemask.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Strengths: Last year I did these rankings and the Bucs ranked 6th. Then they changed a great helmet. I love the chrome facemask and I like the newly designed logo.

Here are the strengths I listed prior to the change: I love these helmets! The Bucs had to have one of the best redesigned helmets/jerseys in the history of jerseys. One of the best logos in the NFL combined with the pewter it!

Weaknesses: The logo is way too big and looks like it belongs in an arena football league (as do the jerseys).

Here are the weaknesses I listed prior to the change: None.

Ideas for Improvement: If the logo were a more normal size, I may actually keep these at #6. Not one.

Here are the ideas for improvement I listed prior to the change: None.

18. Detroit Lions

Strengths: The upgraded lion logo was a good decision.

Weaknesses: Incorporating black into their uniforms (especially on the facemask).

Ideas for Improvement: This helmet should be higher if not for the black. I will never understand the reasoning behind teams feeling the need to get black into their uniforms. The Lions colors are blue, white, and silver - they should keep it that way. Go back to the blue facemask and the blue and white stripe. Get rid of the black.

17. Seattle Seahawks

Strengths: I like the flat paint and the kevlar looking stripe. They went out on a limb with these helmets and I think they did a good job.

Weaknesses: Did not incorporate the bright green from the jerseys.

Ideas for Improvement: The Seahawks switched up their jerseys and went with a really bright green, yet didn't incorporate any of that bold coloring into the helmet. I say go all out....rock a bright green facemask.