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NFL Roundtable: Teddy Bridgewater vs. Johnny Manziel

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Teddy Bridgewater vs. Johnny Manziel: Which of the two will be the better NFL quarterback?

Mickey Mentzer

Forget for a moment that I am already tired of talking about Johnny Football so my answer could be biased. I think Cleveland has proven time and time again that they are a team where quarterbacks go to die. I see no reason why Manziel can't follow in the footsteps of some other "savior" quarterbacks the Browns have brought in like Brandon Weeden and Brady Quinn.

Manziel may flash just enough solid play for some Cleveland fans to get excited again, but in the end Bridgewater will be a better quarterback simply because he does not call Cleveland home.

Cody Tewmey

For me this is an easy one, Teddy Bridgewater and it's not even close.  As a guy who has watched lots of film of both players, Teddy had the best film in this years draft, hands down. He goes to a team that will be carried by AP and their Defense, now that Zim is at the helm. Cordarrelle Patterson is a budding star that can break any play for a score with his speed and elusiveness.

Manziel has great ability, the problem is he thinks he is superman. The same things we saw with Carson will plague him.  He passes up the easy throw to make the perfect throw.  In the NFL it will mean interceptions, sometimes the check down is the best throw. Not to mention, when he scrambles in the NFL he is going to get hit much harder by much bigger players then he did in college.

I don't think he will be able to play 16 games consistently.  I won't even get into his off the field endeavors, they are well documented.  I am not saying it will affect his play, I just don't want that activity with my QB.

Scott Bantel

Teddy Bridgewater, hands down. Number one reason, mental makeup. Bridgewater has the calm, even keeled, inner confidence you want in a QB. Sure, Manziel has confidence like you want in a QB, but it seems more like cocky (false) bravado to me.

Selfish, self-entitled party-type QBs do not have a history of success in the NFL and I don’t see Manziel changing that mold…nor do I see him changing. Try to name one NFL QB who was known for partying and has succeeded in the NFL?

Bridgewater had a better completion percentage over the last 2 years (69.7% - 68.4%), similar yards (7,688 – 7,820), similar TDs (58 - 63) and far less INTs (12 – 22) while playing in a pro-style offense with far less weapons around him. He also comes in with the ability to hand off to Peterson.

Jason Marcum:

Teddy will. He played in a more pro-style offense in college while also being allowed to make a lot of pre-snap calls and adjustments, more so than Manziel was allowed to do.

Manziel was an elite playmaker who used his God-given talents to beat opponents. Bridgewater didn’t have as much talent, but used his head to beat opponents far better than Mazniel.

Bridgewater has the head and the arm to make it in the NFL. Thus far, I’ve only seen Manziel consistently show he has the arm and legs to make it in the way Michael Vick did in his days with the Falcons.

That kind of QB isn’t going to lead you to a championship. Bridgewater has all the tools he needs to do so.

Both signal-callers demonstrated their ability to lead a prolific offense in college. That being said, Johnny Manziel fans became accustomed to their guy escaping from the pocket, using his legs, and heaving miracle passes over the middle of the field for hero plays. It’s a type of play style that won’t last in the NFL.

Alex Peterman

Teddy Bridgewater is undoubtedly the better quarterback in my eyes. He has a far higher ceiling with regard to success in the NFL, and I believe he can step into the NFL on day one and make a difference.

With the Vikings, he steps into a system with proven success on the offense. Jerome Simpson, Cordarelle Patterson, Greg Jennings, and Kyle Rudolph headline a talented group of targets for the former Louisville quarterback.

With Peterson in the backfield, I think Bridgewater can slip into the system and synchronize easily. I look for him to be an early candidate for Rookie of the Year, and I think he’ll have a successful NFL career.

For the Browns’ newest quarterback on the roster, I wish I could say the same.