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Reggie Williams wants to run at Paul Brown Stadium

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Former Bengals linebacker Reggie Williams is walking on his own again but he's not content. He wants to run. And he wants to do that at Paul Brown Stadium for the world to see.

Reggie Williams has done it all.

Selected in the third round of the 1976 NFL Draft (out of Dartmouth), Williams would go on to have one of the more productive careers in a Bengals uniform. He is one of a few with the distinction of playing on both Super Bowl teams in Cincinnati. He generated 62.5 quarterback sacks, which currently ranks second in franchise history. He also recovered 23 fumbles, picked off 17 passes, posted the most safeties in a Bengals career, played the second-most games by any player (206) in team history and recorded the third-highest consecutive games played (137).

In the immortal words of Chick Ludwig... Williams was a stud. Let me re-phrase that... he still is.

Many younger fans recognize Williams, not for his productive career in uniform... rather his fight since then. Since retirement, Williams has faced the greatest challenges; the type of battles that motivates, encourages, but also depresses. With over 20 surgeries on his right knee, several infections and the prospect of losing his left to amputation, Williams, through hard work and internal inspiration is making significant strides. Six years ago, he wasn't able to walk at all. Slowly, he could move around with a crutch.

Now... he wants to run. He plans to. It's one of his goals. And he wants to do it front of everyone, writes Paul Daugherty.

He wants his first run to be at Paul Brown Stadium. He can see it, clearly enough that it has become part of his already enormous self-motivational catalog. It would occur at a Bengals game, just before kickoff, in front of 63,000 witnesses and two teams of his football-playing heirs. It would be the sort of triumphant appearance Williams never had when he retired, 25 years ago, as arguably the best linebacker in Bengals history.

Brown told Daugherty that he'd consider it. Seriously... he better go one further and do it. This franchise needs more of its history recognized and what a better way to do it than having Williams lead the team out of the tunnel?