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NFL Helmet Rankings Part IV: #'s 8-1

Drum roll please.............. I bring you the 8 best helmets in the NFL!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Drum roll please.............. the top 8 are in! I bring you the 8 best helmets in the NFL!

8. New Orleans Saints

Strengths: I love the gold helmet with the black facemask, combined with a simple, yet solid logo. The best part of this helmet is that it fits perfectly (color, logo, etc.) with the city it represents.

Weaknesses: None.

Ideas for Improvement: None.

7. San Francisco 49ers

Strengths: Classic, simple, good colors.

Weaknesses: They should have stuck with the red face mask.

Ideas for Improvement: Go back to the red facemask, it worked so much better.

6. Washington Redskins

Strengths: The entire helmet. This helmet was one of the biggest movers in my rankings. On first go round, they were in the bottom half, but the more I looked at it, the more and more I realized this is a sweet helmet. I don't always like these colors together, but they work very well on this helmet.

Weaknesses: None.

Ideas for Improvement: I think the Redskins would also look awesome in the flat paint.

5. Green Bay Packers

Strengths: I just love the classic look of this helmet. Like the Redskins, these are not colors I always like together, however, they work well on John Deere tractors and the Green Bay Packers helmet.

Weaknesses: None.

Ideas for Improvement: None.

4. New York Jets

Strengths: Boy it pains me to rank the Jets this high in anything, but I love these helmets! Another great makeover (their old helmet would have been bottom 8). I love the throwback logo, the simplicity of just 2 colors, and I love the green and white together. When you watch a Jets game, this is the only thing on the field that is soft on the eyes.

Weaknesses: The franchise associated with this awesome helmet.

Ideas for Improvement: None.

3. Oakland Raiders

Strengths: Another team I hate to rank so high, but again, they have a great helmet. I love the logo and the simplicity of just two colors - and what 2 colors go better together than silver and black?

Weaknesses: None.

Ideas for Improvement: If a silver facemask were possible, I would love to see the Raiders go silver facemask as well. Maybe a chrome helmet and facemask - like the Oregon Helmets.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Strengths: Everything about this helmet. This is a phenomenal helmet that I went back and forth on for #1. Another great logo and great color combination. The white facemask really ties this helmet together... just like the rug tied the room together in the Big Lebowski. Far out man!

Weaknesses: Apparently, despite its' awesomeness, it could not protect Matt Cassel's soft head a few years back,

Ideas for Improvement: Not one.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Strengths: I hear the claims of bias already. Maybe there is some validity to the claim, but I love the Bengals helmet. This is the most unique helmet in the league. I love the incorporation of the mascot into the helmet rather than a logo. I love the colors. And I love the simplicity of just the 2 colors. This is a helmet people either love or hate, with very little middle ground. Count me in the ‘love it' bunch.

Weaknesses: None.

Ideas for Improvement: None. Thought the Bengals probably would look sweet in the flat paint as well.