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Mike Brown: Marvin Lewis and Katie Blackburn run the franchise

It's really something we've believed for a long time now. Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis and team executive president Katie Blackburn are running the Cincinnati Bengals now.

Rob Carr

It's been a foregone conclusion for some time now... especially since the team showed consistency and sustainability with three straight postseason appearances. What is it? Mike Brown sort of stepped down from day-to-day operations.

Wait. What?

Again, it's not really that surprising. The team has improved their scouting department and become more proactive about retaining their core players long-term (as long as it makes fiscal sense). Cincinnati has reached the postseason for three straight years, developed all-star talent and discovered a niche for finding good role players. And that's just the improvements on the field.

There's been a feeling that things changed for some time... maybe dating back to 2011 when the team was in turmoil. Marvin Lewis won concessions to return and the team removed a few long-term scabs on their roster to start anew. And, it worked out. Cincinnati has won 30 of the previous 48 regular season games.

If you're looking for Brown to leave entirely, don't get your hopes up.