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Russell Bodine Opens Bengals Training Camp as Starting Center

With Mike Pollak out, it was pretty clear that Russell Bodine was going to open training camp as the starting center:

Bodine did great during OTAs while Pollak was out, enough so that Geoff Hobson called the former Tar Heel 'the guy' at center.

It seems like fourth-round pick Russell Bodine is their guy at center and I think they'll be fine there. Bodine's got a nice nasty streak and a real serious demeanor. The last week of workouts he struggled with some high shot-gun snaps early in practice and when I asked him about it he looked right through me with an Arctic stare. "It will get worked out,' he said simply.

It does say something that the coaches are this confident in Bodine already. It's not like there aren't others who can push for the starting center spot.

Trevor Robinson had a promising rookie campaign, but a pectoral injury prevented him from ever challenging Kyle Cook for the starting gig last year.

2013 seventh-round draft pick TJ Johnson is also still here, but Bodine is the one running with the 1s.