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LaKendrick Ross Puts Extra Work In; Marvin Lewis Pleased

LaKendrick Ross knows he's a longshot to make the 53-man roster, but hat doesn't mean he won't give it his all during Bengals training camp.

The 6’5, 360 pound Ross entered the NFL supplemental draft earlier this month, but was not selected, making him a free agent. He was signed by Cincinnati just days prior to the start of camp. Marvin Lewis knows it's a tall task for Ross to get acclimated so quickly.

"It’s got to be a learning curve of football. He’s not played a lot of football. And that’s good and bad," Lewis said Friday. "But he seems willing to work, he’s able to learn, and we’re really going to continue with him. Remember, not only has he not played a lot of football, he’s stepping on an NFL practice field for the first week and the first time that even the guys that even the rookies who have already had nine weeks or whatever they had prior to now."