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Bengals Set to Pay Andy Dalton more Guarantees than Colin Kaepernick

Andy Dalton is the future, and the Bengals are going to pay him like it.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Momentum is building for the Cincinnati Bengals and Andy Dalton to reach an agreement that will pay him like a franchise quarterback.

The two sides have been discussing a new deal for much of the offseason, and talks began heating up over the summer following the NFL Draft, where Cincinnati didn't draft a quarterback until the fifth round in Alabama's AJ McCarron. Contrary to the belief of a few fans, McCarron isn't the future.

Andy Dalton is, and the Bengals are going to pay him like it. Ian Rapoport reported live on the NFL Network Saturday that the two sides were getting closer to a deal, and it will be a big one.

"Just talking to Bengals sources, Dalton should get a deal similar to Colin Kaepernick, and when you look at where it will be similar, it's the guaranteed money. From what I understand, the Bengals are actually set and prepared to pay Andy Dalton more guaranteed money than Colin Kaepernick, making one think that this is a deal that could happen fairly quickly, and Andy Dalton will be installed as their franchise quarterback for years to come. "

The Bengals, specifically Mike Brown, are publicly putting pressure on Dalton to accept the deal they're offering him. If this latest report for Rapoport is true, he should be sprinting to put ink to paper.

The Bengals appear to be afraid of what Dalton could do this year that could raise his value.

Again, if this latest report is true, expect a deal to be agreed upon in the coming weeks, if not days. Dalton and the Bengals want to put this behind them and focus on the upcoming season.