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Dre Kirkpatrick suffers minor hamstring injury; Misses Sunday Practice

While Leon Hall took most of Saturday afternoon off, Dre Kirkpatrick suffered a hamstring injury that's being described as "minor".

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Andy Lyons


Dre Kirkpatrick will be held out of Sunday's practice as a precaution, but is working on the sideline, so it doesn't appear to be serious.


After forcing an incomplete pass while blanketing A.J. Green, Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick gingerly walked to the sidelines. There was some stretching. A little ice. That's how Saturday's practice ended for Kirkpatrick, who suffered a minor hamstring injury... so minor that he thinks a cautious approach is the best policy.

"I don't feel like it's (anything) major", said Kirkpatrick via the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I feel like I could have kept practicing, but on the safe side they wanted to be smart about it."

"I'm not going to let this get me down," he said. "I've already had torn knees and torn hamstrings, so this isn't going to get my momentum down or my confidence level down. I'll just go take care of it and hopefully come back out here tomorrow."

Kirkpatrick, whose career has been saturated with injuries, joined starting cornerback Leon Hall on the sidelines Saturday. Hall, who tore his second Achilles in three seasons, took it easy on Saturday.

"It was just part of the program," Hall said via the Enquirer. "That's one of the things you have to fight against is sticking to the program. I felt pretty good the first two days and I want to go, but you just have to stick to it. It's gotten me this far."

If we're devising a cornerback depth chart, we'd go:

  1. Leon Hall
  2. Terence Newman (the ageless one, apparently)
  3. Adam Jones (steady Eddie)
  4. Dre Kirkpatrick (he's hurt... again)
  5. Darqueze Dennard (movin' on up)

Rookies in Marvin Lewis' Bengals are usually dropped to the bottom -- it's symbolism, reminding them that they have to start from the bottom. However, Dennard's already putting himself in a position to move up the proverbial chart -- especially after an impressive Saturday afternoon.