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Bengals are Latest NFL Team to use GoPro Cameras in Practice

This isn't the first time the Bengals have used the GoPro camera.


The Bengals appear to be the latest team to embrace the GoPro video camera to enhance their ability to study game film from a different perspective.

Other teams are using this technology during practices.

This isn't the first time the Bengals have used the GoPro camera. In preparation for the Week 2 Monday Night Football clash between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, ESPN installed the HeroCam to give fans a feel of what it's like seeing through the eyes of an NFL player.

They did it for several other players and teams throughout the 2013-14 NFL season.


"These cameras have been used with great success in extreme sports like X Games, Red Bull and surfing, so we felt there was an opportunity to integrate these same point of view cameras into mainstream sports, and specifically on MNF," said MNF Producer Jay Rothman.

"We hope fans like it and we hope to create some buzz with players and teams around the league as we try to elevate the stars of the game and their unique skill sets. We just sent A.J. Green the video we did with him; he said he liked it so much he shared it with his grandfather."

This appears to be the latest revolutionary method to not only enhance NFL players to study themselves and their opponents, but also a new way for fans to get closer to the action.

Random thought: The NFL is trying to devise ways to make coming to stadiums for games more appealing than sitting on the coach. Perhaps, offering up some kind of in-game Hero Cam highlights seen only on stadium video boards would be an interesting idea.