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Bengals Training Camp Day 5 Recap

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Mohamed Sanu was the star of the day in a more pass-happy practice.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After a ground-game focused Sunday practice, Day 5 of Bengals training camp was more of an aerial assault. That did not include Marvin Jones or Jermaine Gresham, who've now missed all five days of camp so far. Both players are young, so this isn't just veteran rest to start camp like some players get.

The fact that Gresham is missing practice in a contract year is more alarming. He had hernia surgery this offseason, but was expected to be ready for Day 1 of camp, but he's yet to practice, and he's not looking so good in rehab. Dre Kirkpatrick, Adam Jones and Robert Geathers got the day off, though Kirk's came because of his ailing hamstring. IT was rest for the other two veterans.

The only injury to come from today's camp was from right tackle Andre Smith. He left the field with a trainer towards the end of practice. The Bengals coaches didn't reveal what the issue was, but Hue Jackson said after practice it wasn't anything that would cause him to miss much time.

As for what went on in camp Monday, Mohamed Sanu was the star of the day. The Bengals were hesitant to match the Browns' offer for Andrew Hawkins this offseason, in part, because they felt Sanu was going to potentially pass him on the depth chart at slot receiver. Sanu has rewarded the Bengals for their confidence, as he's looked like the best pass-catcher not named AJ Green in practice.

Speaking of Green, he had another solid day, but is that really news? He beat Leon Hall on multiple plays, and even caught a pass from Sanu on a gadget play. He even lined up in the backfield and gashed the defense on the ground.

Andy Dalton continued to look good as he hit a variety of players for big plays today. He hit Tyler Eifert for a 90-yard bomb, as well as a pair of back-of-the-endzone scores to Green and Sanu. He also hit Alex Smith for a 30-yard gain.

It's crazy to think Gresham and Jones haven't practiced, yet the offense is actually looking more explosive than last year.