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NFL Draft is worst part about NFL says Chip Kelly

The media does tend to overhype draft prospects every year (i.e. Johnny Manziel).

Jason Miller

Everyone loves the NFL Draft, right?

Not Chip Kelly. The Philadelphia Eagles head coach says the annual draft is the worst part of the league, among others things. He said this in an interview with The Monday Morning Quarterback.

What's the worst thing about the league? I said the draft. I mean, the hype that goes into the draft is insane. Totally insane. The biggest thing for me is that everybody thinks whoever you drafted or whoever you signed is now gonna be a savior.

Then when they get picked, they're a very, very good prospect, but there's a learning curve when you go from any job out of college into a company. If you take a job at Wells Fargo when you get out of college, your first day of the job they don't say, ‘He's our first-round draft pick, he's the savior to the company!'

"I think the byproduct to the hype that bothers me, is that to some guys it's overwhelming for them. The NFL has their Rookie Premier and they're out there getting all these pictures taken and they're missing practice time to go out to California and they're treated like gods, and I'm like, I don't know if he's going to start. That's not fair.

The media does tend to over hype draft prospects every year (i.e. Johnny Manziel). However, it's hard to say the draft is the worst part of the NFL.