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Training Camp Day 6: Photos and Video Highlights

We're continuing to bring you original photos and videos as Bengals Training Camp rolls on.

This is one of the rare times where I won't be writing much regarding today's practice. First of all, there's been some great coverage from the Cincy Jungle staff. Secondly, I spent more time putting together something I hope you all will enjoy: A video of every highlight I managed to capture during Wednesday's practice.

Between the photo gallery you can view at the top of this article, and the video I'm sharing, I'm giving everyone a visual of what today's camp had to offer as best I can. I hope what I'm sharing provides a small window into what Training Camp had to offer on Wednesday.

Be sure to check out Inside the Jungle on Thursday. Aside from the fact that the podcast is an excellent production for Bengals fans, Nick Seuberling was kind enough to invite me on for a few words regarding some key players during the offseason.

I hope you all enjoy the video!