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Paul Brown Stadium Phase 1 Upgrades Continue

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It was announced earlier this offseason that the Cincinnati Benglas had reached an agreement with Hamilton County to waive height restrictions at The Banks. In exchange, the Bengals will get upgrades made to Paul Brown Stadium.

Those renovations include an upgraded weight room and locker room that's already begun. There will be renovations done through the summer, into the regular season and hopefully wrapped up next offseason.

Per Brett Jager of

The entire project of renovating team facilities has been broken into three phases, with the first phase currently underway. Phase one is the expansion of the locker room, which will be completed by the time they players report for training camp. Needless to say, things are going to look a little bit different when they return.

The second phase of the project is for a new weight room and training facility. The current weight room has been the same since the opening of PBS in 2000. There is also a smaller aerobic room across the hall from the weight room. The new weight room, to be built in a space currently unused, will be nearly double in size.

The final phase of the project will not begin until next offseason. It will involve the movement of the studio of JungleVision Producer Scott Simpson. Simpson has a studio on field level which is used for various interviews throughout the season, as well as the weekly television show, Bengals Weekly with Marvin Lewis. The current studio location is in an area which will be overtaken by the new weight room and training facility.

Here is a list from a prior article as to some of the other upgrades the Bengals are expected to get:

  • Furniture for the two club lounges, which would cost about $1 million. The furniture in the lounges - banquet rooms overlooking the stadium - is almost 15 years old. The county is hoping the Bengals will help with the cost.
  • Wi-Fi, which the Bengals would pay a portion of. The total cost is anticipated at $3.5 million.
  • An expanded weight room, which would move into space set aside should a professional soccer team ever come to Cincinnati. The Bengals would pay for the expansion, but they need county permission to make the changes.