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Dhani Jones hosting new live fantasy football channel on NFL Sunday Ticket

The DirecTV NFL package will now include a fantasy football channel.

Robin Marchant

If you love fantasy football and NFL Sunday Ticket, you're in for a treat. DirecTV is adding a new channel to it's Sunday Ticket package dedicated to fantasy football.

Making it better for Bengals fans is that it will be hosted by former linebacker Dhani Jones.

The channel, which will be placed next to the 'Red Zone' channel, will focus solely on how the live games are impacting fantasy stats with up-to-minute game analysis and an on-screen ticker.

Here are the details from For the Win:

The Fantasy Zone channel will also be broadcasting while games are in progress, but will focus solely on how the live action is affecting the day’s fantasy stats, with up to the minute game-to-game analysis, stats and on-screen tickers that offer projections and key player updates. Hosting the channel will be former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and Kay Adams, who has established herself as a fantasy sports expert for NBC Sports’ Rotoworld site.

Unlike the Red Zone Channel, which airs from DirecTV’s Los Angeles headquarters, the Fantasy Zone will be broadcast from a loft in New York. The setting sounds more similar to MLB’s "Fan Cave" concept than Siciliano’s rapid fire game-surfing, as there will be celebrity guest hosts, a live studio audience and even an on-set kitchen where a full-time in-studio chef will whip up gameday recipes for viewers at home.

The DirecTV NFL package will now include the fantasy channel; the Sunday live games; the Red Zone channel (which offers live break-ins on games when a team crosses its opponent's 20 yard-line) and a streaming option so subscribers can watch games on computers and mobile devices.

DirecTV's exclusive contract to carry the NFL Sunday Ticket expires at the end of this season, but a new deal is expected to be reached soon.