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AJ McCarron Getting Married and Signing Under Armour Deal This Week

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's going to be quite the week for Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron with his wedding to Katherine Webb is just days away. The former Miss Alabama and Crimson Tide star will be wed July 11, and McCarron just got a nice wedding present.

According to Mstars, McCarron just signed a lucrative deal with Under Armour, his first big endorsement since being drafted into the NFL.

There's no exact details on how much he will earn, but the star will get free gear and a hefty fee, and he will make more of a name for himself off the field. A.J. has never had a problem with either, and it seems his off-the-field reputation has stayed the same in the NFL, but now it's up to him to prove he's still the same elite play-caller when he steps in to his first minutes of NFL action.

He may never start a game for the Bengals, but at least he's living the good life off the field. McCarron also spoke with Pro Players Insider recently, detailing what it's like to have the spot light constantly shining on him.

"A lot of guys haven’t experienced that whole type of lifestyle, being under the microscope at all times, scrutinized no matter what you do. You’re never gonna be 100% right, everybody’s always gonna have an opinion so, I felt like I’ve always handled myself in a first class manner through college and I just wanna keep my name clean and not bring any bad spotlight on not only my last name as a family but the organization."