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Regarding Jeremy Hill's fantasy football value

Running back Jeremy Hill has seen a steady rise in fantasy football drafts around the country. But where does his value truly lie?

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Joe Robbins

Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill was drafted to compliment Giovani Bernard. In the world of fantasy football, Hill is a hot topic after Bernard posted respectable numbers as a rookie in 2013. Bernard is currently being drafted in the 2nd round in most mock drafts around the country. His value is even greater in points-per-reception leagues. But where does that leave us with Jeremy Hill?

Hill is currently being drafted around the 9th round in most 10-team fantasy drafts, which is very close to where BenJarvus Green-Ellis was being drafted around this time in 2013. Hills' average draft position seems odd considering Green-Ellis is still currently on the Bengals roster. Regardless, they call them "mock" drafts for a reason, and people are drafting Hill under the assumption that he'll have a significant role with the Bengals in 2014.

Perhaps Hill's ADP is a bit premature. Rookies carry a lot of upside but naturally carry risk as well, and Bernard creates a bit of a ceiling for Hill's potential. If there's a scoring format that Hill could thrive in, however, it's leagues that weigh their scoring heavily on touchdowns. Hill could be Cincinnati's default goalline back. That's not to say Hill will be relegated to just the end zone. He's proven he has capable hands as a receiver, and he's bound to see at least one or two strong carries each game.

Hill, like many running backs in the NFL these days, falls into a gray area for fantasy football that comes with the latest emphasis on a backfield tandem. On one hand, he's likely more than just a handcuff for Giovani Bernard. On the other hand, sharing a field with Bernard limits his opportunity.

So, is the 9th round truly the right spot for Jeremy Hill? In standard scoring formats, it's not entirely off base, especially if Green-Ellis is out of the picture in Cincinnati. He may not serve as much more than a plug-and-play option in most scoring formats as owners hope for the occasional touchdown.

Hill continues to do well in training camp. Preseason will provide more answers of course. In the meantime, grab your roster's anchors, draft Hill if you like his upside, and remember that the waiver wire ultimately molds championship rosters.

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