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Advertising in the NFL is expanding

As advertisers look to new ways to get their products in front of the consumers, what can we expect to see in the future for NFL advertising.

Look around the page you are reading right now. Advertisers are fighting to make sure that you notice their product. It has gotten to a point where we are desensitized to the barrage of stimuli for any given approach. Ads on the web, commercials during your TV viewing, email solicitations and billboards during your drive time.

The San Francisco 49ers are experimenting with a new approach to ad dollars and we were all exposed to it this past week. After signing a huge deal with Toyota, the 49ers have added a hideous logo to the Red Zone as teams enter into this area (inside the 20 yd line for those who are not familiar).

With the ability to project advertisements on the field based on region or market I can see all kinds of possibilities for advertisers to manipulate the back drop of the game you are watching. I bet in the future it doesn't look as hideous as the Toyota Red Zone above, but will seamlessly garner tv space without being intrusive.

On top of this the ability of geo-location on your cellphone could offer a whole other possibility of advertising for the NFL. In San Fransisco, the new Levi's Stadium is being built with cell phone GPS technology in mind.

The 49ers will be the first in the league to offer in-seat delivery to every fan at Levi's Stadium, Guido said. The team will use mobile technology and GPS tracking to locate fans and deliver orders to each seat. Every concession stand also will have an express pickup for those who want to order in advance and don't want to wait.

As your actions in public (and some private) are monitored by large companies, including the NFL and teams, advertisers will find ways to offer you suggestions toward their products. What is a harmless, hideous graphic on the field today, could be a pop-up suggestion for a cold beer while in line for a hot dog.