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Fantasy Football: Current average draft positions for Bengals players

It's time to take stock in where Bengals offensive players are being drafted in mid-August.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With one preseason game behind us, it's always nice to revisit where certain players are stacking up in fantasy football mock drafts around the country. Of course, as we get later into August, there will be a surge of fantasy football leagues conducting their drafts. In the meantime, as we draw closer to the start of the regular season, let's take a look at at the last thirty days.

The following graphs (from show how Bengals players have been trending over the past month. This is based on standard scoring in 10-team leagues.

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As you can see, there hasn't been a noticeable rise or fall with any of the prospects out of Cincinnati. With that said, let's consider each at their current ADP.

A.J. Green

Wide Receiver

Current ADP: 12th overall

Green has been a top fantasy wide receiver for most of his NFL career. Whether you take him 6th overall, or 12th overall, you're getting production out of him. Running backs have been a bigger commodity in most scoring formats simply because the days of the "bell cow" back are starting to fade. If you're drafting with mostly homers in Cincinnati, you'll likely see Green taken in the last half of your first round.

Verdict: He's a good value wherever he's drafted. If you really want A.J. Green, don't expect him to fall beyond the first round in Cincinnati.

Giovani Bernard

Running back

Current ADP: 19th overall

At this time in 2013, Bernard was being drafted in the 5th or 6th round in many fantasy drafts. He's taken a huge jump in ADP in 2014 - and justifiably so. Honestly, taking Bernard in the 2nd round is a bit too much for me. He'll likely reward owners in PPR scoring formats, but his goalline opportunities may be threatened by rookie Jeremy Hill.

That said, the running back selection gets a bit dicey around the end of the 2nd round. If you're going to draft a running back, it's hard to fault someone for taking Bernard, but my advice would be to focus on a more reliable receiver if you're drafting near the end of the second round. If Bernard is still available after you snake into the 3rd, then take him.

Running backs within Bernard's ADP range: LeVeon Bell, Arian Foster

Verdict: Risky. But he clearly has the ability to put up big numbers for owners.

Andy Dalton


Current ADP: 125th overall (13th round in 10-team leagues)

Dalton was hardly being drafted (nationally) in 2013. His October surge in 2014 led to many people using him as a plug-and-play option for the remainder of the 2013 season. It appears as though he's being drafted with the same mindset. Dalton's ADP has actually seen a slight incline over the past few weeks.

Between his new contract and a solid preseason outing, Dalton may creep toward the top ten rounds of your fantasy draft. Regardless, he's a QB2 in all formats. There are simply too many viable options at the quarterback position in 2014.

Quarterbacks within Dalton's ADP range: Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger

Verdict: QB2 with upside. His ADP should be treated as an absolute floor.

Jeremy Hill

Running back

Current ADP: 112th overall

Hill is a fantastic buy-low candidate in 2014. If your league rewards heavily for touchdowns, he's even more appealing. He's still a rookie, of course, and should be treated as such. The best thing anyone can do with Hill is avoid preseason hype if he has some big gains or several goalline opportunities. I'm perfectly fine if Hill bumps up a bit between now and September, but he's the perfect value where he sits right now.

Running backs within Jeremy Hill's ADP range: Andre Williams, DeAngelo Williams, Darren McFadden

Verdict: Continue buying low.

Marvin Jones

Wide receiver

Current ADP: 127th overall

He's inexplicably still being drafted close to his ADP before his injury. Considering Jones could be out as we head into the regular season, you'd expect his stock to drop. Casual mock drafters will likely start paying attention as August rolls on, and his ADP will probably take a dip. He's worth a late-round pickup if you're hoping he'll boost your mid-season production, but there are a lot of great options at his current ADP.

Wide receivers within Jones' ADP range: Jarrett Boykin, Kenny Britt, Markus Wheaton

Verdict: Wait and see. If Jones goes on IR, the asking price is too high at this point.

Cincinnati defense

Current ADP: 132nd overall

Cincinnati is currently the 8th defense being drafted in mock drafts around the country. It's a bit shocking. Truthfully, I avoid drafting defenses early. I prefer to play the matchups. I scored the Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals because of my weekly method in 2013.

That said, Cincinnati is poised to continue delivering top-five production for fantasy owners. If Cincinnati were truly being drafted in the 14th round, as suggest, they are an absolute steal. However, I don't buy it. Not in Cincinnati at least. Consider what else is available around their ADP.

Players available within Cincinnati's ADP range: Cecil Shorts, Justin Hunter, Carson Palmer

Verdict: Be wary of drafting a defense too soon.

Additional note: Tyler Eifert, Jermaine Gresham, and Mohamed Sanu are mostly undrafted. That may not be the case if you're drafting with fellow Bengals fans. All three are worth a late-round grab.