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Why the Bengals beat the Jets

The Bengals should match-up against the Jets much like last season. While the outcome may be a little different, this is probably only because it is a preseason game.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Every week I am going to take an objective look through my incredibly homeristic eyes and give you all the reasons why the Bengals will win their upcoming game. This week it is a preseason match-up that typically does not matter. That does not change the fact that I think the Bengals are going to beat up on the Jets of New Jersey and here is why.

The New York Jets are a defensive football team and have hung their hat on that hook for the last few seasons. Last season the Jets were a top 11 defensive unit to end the year. They probably would have been ranked higher if not for the total domination the Bengals gave them in October. Andy Dalton was good for 325 passing yds and 5 touchdowns that game. That kind of beating will drop your rankings quickly.

The problem with the Jets is their offense, and I am not sure there is any improvement this year.

The Jets offensive line is no good. They allowed more sacks than all but 5 teams last season. This is especially problematic for a unit that needs to protect a young quarterback that is going to have trouble with his decision making. Even though it is still the preseason, I bet the Bengals defensive front is excited to tune up against this porous line. It is time to see what Margus Hunt can do. He has been hyped all camp and now it would be great to see him just toss Jets around like dirty laundry as he disrupts an offense.

Which one of these guys are on your fantasy team? Jeremy Kerley, Eric Decker, David Nelson, Stephen Hill or Jeff Cumberland? None? The best way to ensure your young quarterback succeeds in the Jets mind is place him behind a bad offensive line and give him no real targets to throw to. This is the Jets starting offense for their receiving game. Raise your hand if any of this crew makes you nervous...

I have danced around it but now I bring you to the Jets quarterbacks. Geno Smith seems to be the leader of a crew that includes Michael Vick, Matt Simms and Tajh Boyd. Smith finished last season at 34th in QBR and 37th in quarterback rating. Add his top 4 ranking in interceptions and this is not a quarterback I would want leading my team. Behind him is Vick who showcased in Philly that he is no longer a threat in this league and barring injury, probably holds a clipboard this season.

To summarize, the Jets may still boast a fairly decent defense, but unless the Bengals gift the Jets multiple scoring chances from the defensive side of the ball, not much has changed from last seasons meeting. I think the Bengals absolutely dominate the first half and the second half can be spent watching Jets fans get excited that their team may look competitive. If only for the pre-season.