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Bengals take 7-0 pass on perfect Andy Dalton pass to Mohamed Sanu

It was much ado about nothing for the Cincinnati Bengals defense during New York's opening possession. A yawner, even.

Despite a rocket down the middle of the field, Geno Smith overshoots David Nelson on first down from the Jets 24-yard line. A one-yard Chris Johnson gain and ensuing illegal substitution on the Jets led to a third-and-14 with 13:58 remaining in the first quarter. The series ended with an underneath pass and a 51-yard punt to Adam Jones, who returned it to 10 yards to the Bengals 33-yard line.

Following a six-yard dump off to Giovani Bernard, a false start on Clint Boling and four-yard pass to Jermaine Gresham, the Bengals have third-and-five from the Bengals 38-yard line with 12:53 remaining in the first. Quarterback Andy Dalton quickly (if not systematically) finds A.J. Green near the 50-yard line on the right hashmark, picking up 21 yards for the first down.

Three players later, Dalton, with the world's best protection, took the snap from center and launched a pass down the middle of the field. Mohamed Sanu ran down the seem and Dalton laid a perfect pass into Sanu's basket for the 43-yard touchdown reception.

Dalton went four of four, generating 74 yards passing with a touchdown.