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Mohamed Sanu catches a bomb from Andy Dalton to burn the Jets (GIF)

Sanu stepped up on Saturday against the New York Jets, catching a 43-yard touchdown from Andy Dalton.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

The Cincinnati Bengals got off to a great start against the New York Jets, and it came thanks to a player who needs to step up now more than ever. Mohamed Sanu has had  a wonderful camp to this point, but it wasn't evident in the first preseason game, where Sanu was silent for most of the night.

He made sure to make some noise early in the game vs. the Jets, catching a 43-yard touchdown from Andy Dalton as he burned cornerback Kyle Wilson on the play.

Dalton finished the drive 4-for-4 for 74 yards. Dalton already is picking apart this Jets defense in a similar manner as the Week 8 game vs. New York last season, in which Dalton had a career day.

The Jets won't have to worry about Dalton being in the game much longer, but Sanu could be in there for awhile. This is big with Marvin Jones having just went down with his foot injury.