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Andy Dalton hits AJ Green for big play against Jets (GIF)

Andy Dalton is picking the Jets apart again.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What is it with the New York Jets and Andy Dalton?

The Jets pass defense can't seem to contain any of the Bengals receivers when they play now, and they make Dalton look like he deserves to be mentioned in the same class as Tom Brady or Drew Brees.

After a 43-yard TD strike to Mohamed Sanu earlier in the game, Dalton hit All-Pro receiver AJ Green for a 35-yard gain.

Dalton's line through the first two drives vs. New york: 8-for-8, for 144 yards and two TDs. Including last wk, Dalton is now 11-for-13 for 215 yards, 2 TDs and led the Bengals to a field goal in his three preseason possessions.