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Andy Dalton and Starting Offensive Line Find Groove Against Jets

It may be merely the preseason, but Andy Dalton is already proving that all that money is going to a good cause.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

8-for-8, 144 yards, and a beautiful touchdown pass to Mohamed Sanu. Those are the statistics that you like to see from a quarterback who just signed an extension.

For the most part, his playing time was limited to the first quarter, however, Dalton stayed under center long enough to show improved leadership at the line and to throw long, streaking passes to A. J. Green, and to Sanu for the aforementioned score.

Despite the fact of the game not counting for tallies in the win column, the performance should do wonders for the speculation surrounding Dalton's recent contract signing. It was an issue that had Bengaldom buzzing the entire offseason, specifically regarding the unending news stream on the topic, as the Cincy Jungle community is well aware.
It's nice to see that all the positive feedback by Bengals analysts now has proven support, as Dalton could not have conducted a better quarter of offense in a football game.

And that's not to say the success was completely on Dalton. The entire offense was clicking on all cylinders. New York's defensive line was hard pressed to create any amount of pressure against a strong performance by the Andrew Whitworth-led offensive line for Cincinnati. And that was when pitted against a formidable defensive line boasted by the Jets, including Richardson and Wilkerson, among others.

With a team that has been carried by a consistent defense, Bengals fans will be very happy to know that opposing teams this season should worry about the offense just as much. That is, if what we've already witnessed continues through the start of the regular season.