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Study shows which NFL team you should root for

This study tries to give you a better idea of which NFL team 'should' you root for.

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Which NFL team should you root for?

If you haven't figured that out by now, you may be in luck. This flow chart created by Buzz Feed provides a guide for fans wanting to find a team to fall in love with.


Admittedly, I came out with the Vikings. Maybe it's just my love for Mike Zimmer, or it's just that "I wear whatever the F I want," and I like to run the ball.

My favorites were:

*If you're favorite TV channel is The History Channel, you probably like the Steelers, since they live in the past.

*If you have anger issues, you probably like the Ravens.

My suggestions for additions:

*If you like to get your hopes up only to be let down, you probably like the Browns.

*If you have spent over 90 days in prison, you probably like the Raiders.

*If cheerleaders are your favorite part about the NFL, you probably like the Cowboys.

*If you like Katy Perry's "Roar", you probably like the Bengals.