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Bengals suffer a handful of injuries against the Jets

You never want players suffering injuries during a preseason game, but... it happens. Cincinnati suffered their fair share Saturday nig but it looked more brutal than it really was.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed brutal.

Throughout the night, Cincinnati lost several players to injuries against the New York Jets, specifically in the second half. A handful of players returned after a quick look-over from the medical staff, but most did not -- including four from the 2014 NFL draft.

It just seemed brutal though.

According to the mothership, running back Rex Burkhead suffered the most significant injury, but not something that will end his season. Initial reports suggested a possible MCL issue but those have conveniently disappeared.

Head coach Marvin Lewis thought the only significant injury coming out of Saturday was running back Rex Burkhead’s knee, and that appears not to be a season-ender.

Injures during preseason games feel like the ultimate insult. For a guy like J.K. Schaffer, who is undergoing his second concussion protocol this month, it could spell the end of a brief career if he's unable to get on the field. Yet, thankfully for him, guys like Sean Porter and Marquis Flowers are struggling to stay healthy.

Linebacker Vontaze Burfict tends to have one injury per game; for a moment he'll appear in pain. People will look at him and within a series, he's back on the field -- we're pretty sure that he played on three broken legs, two ACL tears, and a broken back last year.

Saturday night's run-down:


  • Vontaze Burfict (shoulder)
  • Marquis Flowers (leg)


  • Jeremy Hill (shoulder)
  • Darqueze Dennard (hip)
  • Rex Burkhead (knee)
  • James Wright (hip)
  • Tyler Scott (head)
  • J.K. Schaffer (head)