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Bengals Preseason: Biggest Disappointments from Jets Game

The starters looked good. The backups? Not so much. The Bengals have depth, but that depth did not look effective on Saturday night and caused some concerns amongst Bengals fans and coaches alike.

John Grieshop

The Jets got their revenge on the Bengals....well, on the Bengals backups that is. When the first stringers were in, the Bengals were on pace for a 68-12 beat down, much like last year's regular season matchup. Unfortunately, the Bengals backups did not fare as well as the starters and showed exactly why depth is nice on paper, but there is a reason players are backups.

The second preseason game is possibly the most important for the backups. Count it as a fail. The backups received a lot of playing time and that was unfortunate for our eyes. Most of the disappointment in fake game #2 was entire units, rather than specific players.

Disappointment #1

Special Teams - A week after giving up a punt return for a touchdown, Darrin Simmons's unit had a punt blocked for a safety and saw the usually sure handed Sanzenbacher put the ball on the ground. Special teams are the toughest to judge in the preseason because so many players who will not make the team are being looked at on special teams, but Simmons can't be happy with the way his unit is performing so far.

Disappointment #2

The 2nd and 3rd String Offense - Once the starters left, so did the Bengals ability to do anything on offense. Matt Scott, one of the heroes from game 1 showed exactly why the Bengals need a reliable backup like Campbell. After Dalton went 8/8, Scott and Wilson combined for 15/35, 1 INT and 2 fumbles (1 lost). The 2nd string offensive line looked shaky and the wide receivers had some drops.

Disappointment #3

Cobi Hamilton - I have high hopes for Cobi Hamilton and with the injury to Jones, I thought he had a chance to not only make the team, but contribute. Apparently the Bengals thought the same as Hamilton had 13 targets on Saturday night. Unfortunately he only caught 2 of those. Some were just bad throws, but Hamilton had a few drops as well.

Disappointment #4

Dontay Moch - I want Moch to make this team because I think he can make an impact and is more explosive than Geathers. Unfortunately, he can't make the team without seeing the field and I don't recall seeing Moch on the field once on Saturday night.